RM40 / set

Isnin, 18 Disember 2017

1 DOZEN Polla Gold Super White Perfect

RM 140 / DOZEN

Facial Skin Care Cream for Double White Pink Skin Valuable for you forever

With the mixture and modern technology production that extracts the facial skin care cream with double small molecule-cell and is valuable for your facial treatment. Gently and gradually fade acne and blemish spots and smooth your skin to a more white pink skin, tighten the skin and making flawless skin for only after using this cream for 3 days.

Double arbutin for double action on inhibiting blemish generation and quickly fading existeing blemishes

Double effective Gold Extract for double treatment on lightening and smoothing the skin

Increase skin moisture by Moisturizer. Your facial skin shall be moistened and soften after cleaning.

Double Kojic Acid for double effect on acne and blemish treatment

Double Vitamin B3, C and E for double effect on skin lightening and protecting skin wrinkles

Why POLLA GOLD? Because there are double rich ingredients so all treatments shall be double with only a bit more price.

Direction: To use in face and neck at night only

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