Jumaat, 29 Disember 2017

1 DOZEN Kim Whitening Pearl And Snowlotus Cream

RM 200 / DOZEN

Whitening Pearl and Snow Lotus Cream

Very safe to use.  
Great on the skin with all natural extracts from Snowlotus ( a type of lotus that grows in the winter)and pearl
 a natural way for whitening.

Whitening Pearl and Snow Lotus Cream 
maximise moisturising ability
lock the moisture of the skin
lightens and whitens the skin
improves texture of the skin
removes the freckles ( mild conditions) or reduces the freckles intensity ( major conditions)

Made from the finest ingredients.
100% natural based substances with no chemical products
100% halal
removes pimples scars
Freckles that are normally faced by white skined people due to exposure to the sunray.

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