Isnin, 28 November 2016

1Dozen Rice Milk Soap Original Thailand


It contains 100% of the natural ingredients and in the special formula of the original rice milk.
• Efficacy of milk and rice makes your skin look brighter, gentle and tense
• Removes all dirt, oil, and dead skin cells
• Effectively removes dead skin, acne scarring, oily & oily skin.
• Removing the makeup effect effectively

If used as a shower soap, it helps:
• Removing black spots or dark effects on your armpits, elbows and thighs.
• Suitable for all skin types including problematic skin
• Effects of freshness throughout the day
• Your body will not be sticky even during or after sweating
• Can eliminate body odor
* Increase the Aura Series Face naturally
* Become brighter skin, smooth and tense without exfoliation

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