Khamis, 30 November 2017

Skinista Gluta All in One Gluta with Berry and Grapeseed Extract

RM 60 / BOX

Ideal for distinctive skin radiance and deep wrinkles treatment


The Skinista Gluta All in One dietary supplement in a new package provides superb benefits of Glutathione in lightening skin, providing skin elasticity, firming up skin, reducing dark spots and rashes, and smoothening skin. The product leaves no residues, while providing fast effective results suitably for those with insufficient sleep. The supplement also contains beneficial ingredients with properties in detoxing skin, promoting an aura bright skin, and leaving long effects. It is safe by FDA approval.


Promotes distinctive skin radiance
Diminishes dark spots, freckles, melasmas, and acne scars
Prevents the cause of acne
Treats darkness under eyes
Reduces skin oiliness and tightens enlarged skin pores
Diminishes deep wrinkles and fine lines
Promotes sun-resistant property
Reduces skin allergy
Lightens skin underarm and groin
Promotes pink lips and nipples
Provides detoxification
**The result varies in individuals.**

Take 1-2 softgels before bedtime with warm water for the better absorption.


Not recommended for pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers.
Not recommended for children below 15 years old.
Not recommended for people with any congenital diseases.
Not recommended for people allergic to seafood due to collagen ingredient.
The product is dietary supplement, not intended to treat or cure any diseases.

Content: 30 Softgels

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