Rabu, 26 Julai 2017

Dr Susan Extra Breast Cream

RM 40.00

The excellency of Dr. Susan Extra Breast Cream:

1. The results seen in 2 weeks (depending on the absorption of each person's skin, the body's metabolism, regular use or not, etc.). Breasts will get firmer. Not like leaking all over your sides of your bras! 

2. Breasts more tight and solid.

3. Very effective, disposable instantly feel warm. ^ ^

4. Breast skin become softer and supple.

How to use: Take a little cream, massage gently for approximately 2-3 minutes until the cream seep upward completely. Do not let the exposed nipple. Use 2x a day after bathing. For maximum results, use regularly.


1. Use immediately after bathing

2. Follow the way of use. Do not use own way. Massage in the same direction, not changing direction. Do not massage less than 2 minutes. Do not quit before the cream soak completely.

3. Use regularly. 1 day 2x


* Not allowed for pregnant / lactating

* Cream should not be subject to the nipple. In case of contact, immediately rinse with water

* Results seen within 2 weeks of regular use. Not that big right breast in 2 weeks. But the results can be seen, for example: the skin around the breasts firmer

* The need to process. Not instant. Keep patience ^ ^

Volume 70g

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