Selasa, 19 Disember 2017

Cathy Choo24K Active Gold Fragrance Shower Gel 750ml


Cathy Choo 18 Days Whiten 24K Active Gold Fragrance Shower Gel 750ml  contains 99.9% pure gold foil ingredients which is dealt with by nano-technology and can be absorbed by the skin completely. It will make the elements of natural minerals directly penetrated in to the underlying skin, activate the skin, get away from the aging factors and skin impurities, promote cell metabolism and resist the skin aging caused by free radicals. At the same time, the product has variety of plant perfumes which are sweet- smelling and can refresh the body after bathing. The lasting aroma will make you skin both healthy and attractive.

Moisturizing and Firming up Skin Texture
Whitening and Improve Fairer Skin
Activate skin cells
Get Away skin from aging to keep skin healthy

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