Sabtu, 16 Disember 2017

TK Natural Slim Express 40Caps


Accelerate and accelerate the burning of excess fat faster than trap fat, flour, sugar, reduce appetite. Help the digestive system to improve the skin faster, reduce the real rich in various types of natural harmless, no side effects. Feel the change in the brush within 1 tablet.

Key Ingredients
- White Bean Extract
Inhibits alpha-amylase from the pancreas and acts to convert the starch into glucose before it is absorbed into the body. Makes the body get less energy from the dough. Reduce appetite and stay full longer.
- cactus powder
Contains glucose-like substances. But not to calories. Reduce appetite. Do not feel hungry It is the only natural substance that scientists claim is an appetite suppressant, up to 40-60%. It is also a dietary fiber that can handle fat (fat binder) well and helps. Old fat
- Kelp
Captures dough and fat from the body. Helps the body create thyroid hormone. To accelerate the metabolism of fat, protein and carbohydrates into the body as energy. Accelerates fat metabolism through the CAMP process, which burns fat both directly and indirectly, leaving the body feeling refreshed.

1 Tab before meal.
 Recommended to drink 2.5 - 3 liters a day.

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