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Khamis, 7 Julai 2016

Yoko Armpit & Bikini Area Whitening

This SPA Salt is for a skin whitening, enriched vitamin E, it provides nourishment to your skin. It removes dirt deposit and dead skin cells from your body, giving you a new and radiant skin. 

My Experience: 

I don't have the muddy-looking armpit and bikini area to begin with, so I used the spa salt on my knees and elbows instead.Like other YOKO spa salts that I've tried, this one also stings me whenever the salt was n contact with my wounded skin.

Very painful and sore, I know.

But I need to make my elbows and knees appear really clean. Dark patches just wouldn't cut it on mini skirts or hot pants. 

Ah... Look at the beautiful sand-like salt. It's almost looks like brown sugar. Unfortunately, the smell is very unappealing to me.

It smells like essential oil, which I loathe the most.  

I love the feeling when crystallines of salt project friction with my skin. It is almost therapeutic for a lethargic soul. 

I just adore how detailed the crystallines look. The spa salt is very fine and soft,so don't worry if the spa salt would hurt your delicate skin because it wouldn't.

I am happy to report that the spa salt makes my knees and elbows lighter in shade. At least they don't look so different compared to the other parts of my skin. I would repurchase this spa salt in the future.

I guess this spa salt would work on stubborn areas like armpits and bikini lines too 

price: rm23.00

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